The feeling of retirement made people feel bad. When I retired in 2013, I understood that I had overturned 26 years behind me and never noticed how time passed. As someone who has struggled in all areas of life for years, I have a desire to continue my life and to be a light to women who think like me on this path. Maybe I always wanted to set up my own business in my dream and to give direction to the ladies who have always wanted to work but are not allowed to work. With this in mind, I went to the entrepreneurship course and got my certificate. We cooked 40-50 katmer at home with my best friend, then we visited my neighbors in the building where I lived and said that we were waiting for breakfast. We said "We are making and selling katmer the first day of our business today, but we need to taste it first" by offering the katmer we made. I can never forget that day and we received a full 60-fold order on that day. Our orders and varieties increased day by day. In the meantime, we witnessed how difficult it was for mothers to feed their babies and we started making pasta with vegetables by combining the things that children love the most and the vegetables they have difficulty in eating. Yes, now there are many businesses that make pasta with vegetables, but I do not do it on the machine but I make my hand pasta. I applied for the support of KOSGEB with my entrepreneurship document and I gained support by influencing the board quite a lot. I established my business in partnership with a relative. I had difficulties during the installation stages, of course, I entered and exited the institutions I never knew in my life, but I was pleasant and started to realize my dreams. However, things did not go as expected. The partnership was not as it seems from the outside. I had to leave and start from scratch. Now I am alone, walking through my dreams, I got through big badges, but I continue on my way. Despite the negativities I have experienced, I have my own responsibilities; I usually become the first employer of my employees who I work at my workplace. That makes me happy. Someone is a Food Engineer; I have two very skilled staff who never spare their labor and do the R&D of everything over and over again and love their job and try to learn continuously. These are only those in front of the camera. I have a huge family behind me that supports me. I get the most support from them: my daughter, son, bride, groom, mother, father, and above all, my wife supports me. I actively use social media and e-commerce. My business has CCPB Organic Agriculture Entrepreneur certificate. I do not use any additives, preservatives or artificial colors in the products I produce. In particular, I try to reach mothers who work in business life and want to feed their children & babies with natural foods. I would like to thank Hepsiburada for giving me this opportunity! Asuman Öztürk Çağlıkantar Asudan Natural Food Business Owner

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